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Podcast interview with Servane Mouazan

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Servane Mouazan, a social entrepreneur and conscious innovation leader.  Janina Neumann (00:34): Hello Servane. Lovely to have you here. Servane Mouazan (00:39):Hello. Thanks for having me. Janina Neumann (00:41): Would you like to introduce yourself? Servane Mouazan (00:44):Well, I’m Servane.… Read More »Podcast interview with Servane Mouazan

Black and white photo of 8 people of varying ages looking happy, text 'impact through enterprise'

Mentor for the Ingenuity Programme

Janina is delighted to be a mentor for the Ingenuity Programme at the University of Gloucestershire this year for the prosperity, community and health challenges. “Ingenuity helps create start-ups that deliver sustainable social and environmental impact across the UK. The free programme is delivered via an online insight and learning platform, Challenge… Read More »Mentor for the Ingenuity Programme

Black and white headshot of Janina Neumann, wearing a blazer jacket and blouse

Guest interview on the ‘English with Kirsty’ podcast

Delighted to be interviewed on the ‘English with Kirsty’ podcast. Conversation overview: Janina’s experience of differences in communication across cultures. The balance between showing an interest and getting things done. Tips for anyone planning to move from Germany to the UK. How learning other languages can help you to understand… Read More »Guest interview on the ‘English with Kirsty’ podcast

A dandelion at sunset

Grow into a dandelion

What do you think of when you see a dandelion? A weed? Helps maintain food supplies? Let’s address these ideas. The dandelion taproots are tough to rip out of the ground and become an annoyance to anyone who regards dandelions as a weed. However, dandelions are also bold, resilient, and… Read More »Grow into a dandelion