Hello, I am Janina Neumann.

I am a social entrepreneur, bilingual creative, and trained graphic designer.

I set-up Janina Neumann Design in 2016 after finishing my University degree. Janina Neumann Design is a bilingual (German/English) design company based in Tewkesbury. "Design for social change" was and still is, my mission for my business. If you are interested, you can read more about my values and giving back initiatives.


About Janina Neumann Design

JND is a bilingual design company, helping the public sector, charities, and social entrepreneurs implement design for social change. JND works using three core pillars: vision, message, and value. The vision pillar is focused on helping organisations define their goals for their creative project. The message pillar is built on managing cultural differences, building trust within the community, and designing a creative showcase. Lastly, the value pillar is focused on working inclusively, decreasing negative economic impact, and building community wealth.

Vision = Commissioning + Timescales + People

Message = Manage + Trust + Design

Value = Social + Economic + Investment

JND's services range from bilingual design and branding to interface design and graphics. The bilingual focus ensures clients can communicate their message equally effectively across different languages and cultures. JND is excited to be working with a range of clients; from Social Enterprise Start-up to Engineering SME to Council to Global Think-Tank.


A bilingual approach to business, design, and communication

I was born in Germany, but have spent most of my life in the UK — you may call me a coordinate bilingual. Being able to speak German and English fluently has given me an interesting edge to how I see the world. Being bilingual has given me an insight into how switching perspectives can change your thinking, and generate ideas that are different from the competition.


Design of dual strength

Design of dual strength, not only refers to marketing your brand in Germany and the UK. The JND slogan also refers to making a positive impact on society and running a healthy organisation. A healthy organisation means that your organisation is supporting its employees now and in years to come. JND helps its clients change their shoe-string budget into company investment.


Now that you know a little bit about me, would you like to start a conversation?

I look forward to hearing from you.