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Local to Global is a creation of Janina Neumann from Janina Neumann Design and Eva Túnez Salvador from Genuine Translations, delivered by themselves and supported by a network of partners and collaborators from across the globe.

Local to Global is a one-stop gateway for all your cultural, linguistic, and branding requirements when exporting your products or services to overseas markets.



Branding Package

We help make your brand 'a local' in a different country by adapting your messaging and design to suit the new market. Through a branding review and adaptation, we help position you as a key player in the new market.

Our package includes:

— Brand pillar session

— Logo design with a 'Trademark Guarantee’

— Brand guidelines

— Business stationery design

— Social media template designs

Culture Package

Expanding to new markets can be a great way to grow your business and create a greater impact.

Our package includes:

— Market briefings: We help you identify growth opportunities and key cultural differences, which enable you to adapt and grow your brand successfully in another market or country.

— One-day training: Our intercultural management course focuses on enabling businesses to integrate business practices across cultures; from communication and organisation to leadership and etiquette.

Translation Package

From translating export-related documents to translating your product labels and translating your product listings, we ensure there’s no room for misunderstandings between countries.

Our package includes:

— E-commerce translations

— Website localisation and SEO for different countries

— Translation of marketing collateral (brochures, videos, technical instructions)

— Certified translations of business documents

Multilingual Social Media Package

Increase your brand awareness by capturing the attention of your global audience with localised content in their language.

Our package includes:

— Content creation and design of social media posts

— Multilingual and localised content

— Weekly engagement action sheets to help you connect with new contacts

Client projects

Our core pillars are education, ambition, and partnerships.

We have helped a range of clients communicate across cultures; from a design agency, to a business development company to a manufacturing company.

Our mission

— Presentation design

— Event management for a delegation

— Video script translations into German

— Certified translations for overseas company registrations

— Bespoke graphics

— Social media content creation and engagement

— Newsletter and LinkedIn article creation for a UK audience

— Translation of a machinery manual

CASE STUDY: Newsletter and social media support

In August 2021, a partner of Local to Global asked us to support them by enhancing their marketing support for their existing client. Our partner had been working with their client for over two years, helping them to expand into the UK and build their brand presence. With an important exhibition coming up in September 2021, our partner’s client wanted to enhance their marketing activity.

The goals of the projects were to

— Raise the profile with key players in the UK,

— Contact the target audience and prospects with attractive messages, and

— Build a platform of marketing activity to enhance the sales effort in the UK.

Our partner led the project and provided phone support to engage with prospects.

Local to Global provided the design of newsletters and supported the writing of the newsletters, as well as creating and delivering content for our partner client’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Newsletter development & results
Together with the client’s marketing manager and our partner, Local to Global created and sent three newsletter to a UK audience. One of the newsletters achieved the best open rates and click rates in the client’s history of sending newsletters.

Social media development and results
Local to Global researched content and hashtags to inform the social media posts for LinkedIn and Twitter. We then created the imagery and the copy for each social media post, and engaged on social media to help build our partner client’s presence.

  • Education: We raise awareness and facilitate growth for exporters through cultural training, branding, and translation.
  • Ambition: We inspire and give businesses the confidence to take their brand from local to global.
  • Partnerships: We create and grow a network of collaborators to add value to the exporting journey.


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