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Decora Mouldings

Decora Mouldings

Established in 1962, Decora Mouldings is a UK manufacturer of DecBOOKS and DecWOOD products, which are supplied around the world.

Product brochure design

The brief was to create a 72-page brochure to introduce the DecWOOD product range.

The solution involved developing both a printed and digital version of the brochure, featuring product imagery that Janina scaled to maintain proportional coherence.

The image on the right displays a condensed brochure, revealing fewer pages than the complete brochure. For the full brochure, please click here

"It's been a pleasure working with Janina over various projects and I have been very impressed with the fast turn around and the final outcome is always good."

— Regan Ponsford, Decora Mouldings

Recommendation given via LinkedIn

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