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Social Value Reporting

Social Value Reporting

Articulate your social value and foster support through clear and compelling communication strategies

What is social value?

Social value definitions can vary so it is important to define what an organisation or funder means by social value before we report on it.

JND uses Social Value International's definition of social value:

"Social value is about understanding the relative importance that people place on changes to their wellbeing and using the insights we gain from this understanding to make better decisions".


What is social return on investment (SROI)?

You may have seen SROI presented as a ratio of 4:1, indicating that an investment of £1 delivers £4 of social value. However, SROI is so much more than a ratio. An SROI tells the story of how the lives of stakeholders have changed following an activity.

According to 'A Guide to Social Return on Investment 2012',

"Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a framework for measuring and accounting for this much broader concept of value; it seeks to reduce inequality and environmental degradation and improve wellbeing by incorporating social, environmental and economic costs and benefits".

To calculate the SROI, JND follows the principles of social value by Social Value International.

An SROI can be evaluative (conducted retrospectively and based on actual outcomes that have already taken place) or a forecast (predicts how much social value will be created if the activities meet their intended outcomes).

By knowing the social value of an activity, you can make decisions on the delivery, investment, or policy of an activity to maximise the social value being delivered.

Establishing scope and identifying stakeholders

1. Establishing scope and identifying stakeholders 

Mapping outcomes

2. Mapping outcomes

Evidencing outcomes and giving them a value

3. Evidencing outcomes and giving them a value 

Establishing impact

4. Establishing impact

Calculating the SROI

5. Calculating the SROI

Reporting, using and embedding

6. Reporting, using and embedding 

How is JND qualified to help you?

Janina is a Social Value International Level 1 Associate Practitioner and has completed the 'Online Social Value & SROI Accredited Practitioner Training' with Social Value UK. She also works with other Social Value International Practitioners to support the social value reporting of JND's clients.

Level 1 Associate Practitioners have demonstrated theoretical knowledge of impact management, social value and the application of the SVI framework. This knowledge is tested via the Social Value and Impact Management exam and through agreeing to the SVI Practitioner Commitment to Good Practice. The Commitment to Good Practice contains 11 commitments detailing a Practitioner’s agreement to engage in activities that involve stakeholders in an ethical manner, and ultimately making professional judgments about value that will have implications for people’s lives. The Commitment to Good Practice for Social Value is intended to acknowledge these responsibilities and declare a commitment to doing no harm.

Level 1 Associate Practitioner status is the first step of the SVI Practitioner Pathway, in which Practitioners develop their skills, knowledge and practice in social value, impact management and the practical application of the SVI framework in social impact assessment and Social Return On Investment (SROI).

How JND can help you

Social return on investment

Social return on investment (SROI) analysis

 As a Social Value International Level 1 Associate Practitioner, Janina can help you calculate the social value that you deliver(ed) and how your activities impact(ed) stakeholders through an SROI analysis.

Social value report design

Social value report design

As a graphic designer, Janina can tell the story of your social impact by designing beautiful social value reports for your internal and external audiences.

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