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Brand Identity Design

We visualise your vision through distinctive brand identity design

Brand identity design is the first step to visualising your vision. You are demonstrating to your potential customers and partners that your social enterprise looks, behaves, and communicates according to its brand values. This gains you the trust to work with influential people that can help fulfill your mission.

What is brand identity design?

The brand is the reputation of your company. If you don't manage your brand then others will manage the brand for you. Brand identity design is the design of your logo, colour palette, brand guidelines, and visuals to promote your product(s) or service(s).

When designing a new look for a social organisation, it is important to engage the community and stakeholders. This engagement builds a clearer brand identity design, because they are the reflection of the organisation and hold the pieces to your brand story. 

The key to creating a strong brand identity design is to uncover the brand story and visualise the brand's core pillars (what the brand stands for) within all communications.

When to consider a new design

Is your brand look serving you? Are you attracting the right customers or partners with your social impact brand? Do you have the right people in your network to achieve your mission? 

If you have answered 'no' to any of the questions, then you may have outgrown your brand identity.

Your brand identity should be serving you by attracting the right opportunities and conversations for you.

How to build your brand identity

JND's brand identity package:

1. Brand audit

what is working well and what isn't working well for your brand

2. Brand pillar session

identifying your core pillars and brand story

3. Logo design

translating your core pillars and brand story into a distinctive logo design

4. Brand guidelines

communicating your brand identity to your community and stakeholders

5. Brand assets

creating print and digital assets that give you the tools to market your brand

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"Professional, efficient, clear, precise and artistic are just a few of the words that I would use to introduce Janina. Janina instantly put me at ease to see that she was the right person to help me with my logos and to address my issues to separate and define department identities. I would strongly advise you to talk with Janina to assist you before you go anywhere else for your logos, branding and graphic design."

— Mark Griffiths, Real Life Coaching International

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