Real Life Coaching International

The brief

Refine the brand identity

Real Life Coaching International offers practical coaching courses to assist individuals to reach their full potential.

The solution

A strong brand identity that appeals to both corporate clients and potential coaches



RLCI-Main Logo
RLCI-Logo-Coach Training
RLCI-Logo-Personal Coaching
RLCI-Logo-Trusted Partners


"Professional, efficient, clear, precise and artistic are just a few of the words that I would use to introduce Janina. Janina instantly put me at ease to see that she was the right person to help me with my logos and to address my issues to separate and define department identities. I would strongly advise you to talk with Janina to assist you before you go anywhere else for your logos, branding and graphic design."

Real Life Coaching International

Mark Griffiths

Recommendation given via LinkedIn

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