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Vale of Glamorgan Council

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Keeley Newman-Goodall introduced Janina to Vale of Glamorgan Council to help deliver the branding for a project that she was co-managing.

Bilingual brand identity

The brief was to create a bilingual (English/Welsh) brand identity to support Value in the Vale, which aims to improve community connections, health, wellbeing, and prosperity in the borough. The logomark is based on a silhouette of a person. The circle within the logomark is part of the Vale of Glamorgan Council logo, implying that they head up the initiative. The green 'v' shape within the logomark stands for the vale, whereas the blue upward arrow stands for improvement.

JND delivered a number of assets to form the brand identity, including

Speech marks

brand pillar workshop


logo design

Colour palette

brand guidelines

business cards, banner, brochure holders, and inserts

The logo variations below stand for "business powered by Value in the Vale", "charity powered by Value in the Vale", and "community powered by Value in the Vale".


"Working with Janina has been a pleasure. I was looking for someone to help with branding on a project that I was co-managing and she has been incredible from start to finish. The end client has been so happy with the process and their final logo and print item templates. Thanks so much Janina."

Keeley Newman-Goodall

Recommendation given via LinkedIn

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