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Tips for working across cultures

Working across cultures successfully is about being aware of your cultural lens. This means being aware that there are differences across cultures in the way that we communicate, evaluate, persuade, lead, decide, trust, disagree, and schedule (The Culture Map, Erin Meyer).  Here are 3 tips to help you work better across… Read More »Tips for working across cultures

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Branding across cultures

In order to create strong branding across cultures, it is important to understand and demonstrate the vision, message, and value of your brand.  Vision Did you have a vision for export when creating your logo design and building the foundations of your brand? If not, you may not have considered… Read More »Branding across cultures

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Podcast interview with Nicole Hynek

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Nicole Hynek, Creative Director at Hynek Associates Limited. Janina Neumann (00:32):Hi Nicole, how are you? Nicole Hynek (00:34):Hi Janina. I’m really good thanks. How are you? Janina Neumann (00:37):I’m very well, thank you. I’m so pleased that you’re here and I’m… Read More »Podcast interview with Nicole Hynek

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Podcast interview with Leonardo Gil

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Leonardo Gill, co-founder of Broaden Base Projects. Janina Neumann (00:32):Hi Leo, how are you? Leonardo Gil (00:34):Hi, Janina. Thank you for having me. Good to be here. Janina Neumann (00:37):I’m so delighted and really excited for our conversation. Would… Read More »Podcast interview with Leonardo Gil

Screenshot of the episode on The International Business Podcast

Guest on ‘The International Business Podcast’

Eva Túnez Salvador and Janina are delighted to share their guest podcast episode on ‘The International Business Podcast‘ with Leonardo Marra and Stefano Santelmo. Listen to the episode here.

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Podcast interview with Gamu Matarira

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Gamu Matarira, founder of Gen A Consultancy. Janina Neumann (00:32):Hi Gamu, how are you? Gamu Matarira (00:36):Hi Janina. I’m really, really well thank you. How are you? Janina Neumann (00:38):I’m really doing well thank you. Tell us a little bit… Read More »Podcast interview with Gamu Matarira

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Podcast interview with Natalia Karlina

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Natalia Karlina, founder of Angara Language Services Limited. Janina Neumann (00:32): Hi Natalia, how are you? Natalia Karlina (00:35):Hi, Janina, I’m very good. Thank you for the introduction and for having me on your podcast, I’m really delightful to be… Read More »Podcast interview with Natalia Karlina