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The Bicultural Podcast logo, "We are all citizens of this globe, we are also very different"

Podcast interview with Sari Vanska

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Sari Vanska, founder of Muutos. Janina Neumann (00:32):Hi, Sari. Lovely to have you here. How are you? Sari Vanska (00:35):Oh, hi Janina. I’m very good, thank you. It’s so exciting to be here with you. Janina Neumann (00:41):I’m really excited… Read More »Podcast interview with Sari Vanska

The Bicultural Podcast logo, "It was always the community spirit that was the heart of everything"

Podcast interview with Chris Roberts

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Chris Roberts, co-founder of the North Wales Dragons. Janina Neumann (00:30):Hi Chris, how are you? Chris Roberts (00:34):I’m good thanks, Janina. How are you doing? Janina Neumann (00:37):Yeah, very well, thank you. It’s a pleasure to have you on my… Read More »Podcast interview with Chris Roberts

The Bicultural Podcast logo, "It's kind of a falsehood to say that we are completely different"

Podcast interview with Paul Wilson

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Paul Wilson, founder of A Happy Head. Janina Neumann (00:32):Hi Paul, how are you? Paul Wilson (00:34):I am very well, thanks to you. The sun is shining, so I’m a happy bunny. Janina Neumann (00:39):Ah, I know, it makes such a… Read More »Podcast interview with Paul Wilson

Black and white photo of 8 people of varying ages looking happy, text 'impact through enterprise'

Mentor for the Ingenuity Programme

Janina is delighted to be a mentor for the Ingenuity Programme at the University of Gloucestershire this year for the prosperity, community and health challenges. “Ingenuity helps create start-ups that deliver sustainable social and environmental impact across the UK. The free programme is delivered via an online insight and learning platform, Challenge… Read More »Mentor for the Ingenuity Programme

The Bicultural Podcast logo, "It was always my dream to somehow bring languages into my job"

Podcast interview with Kirsty Major

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Kirsty Major, founder of EwK Services and English with Kirsty. Janina Neumann (00:34):Hi Kirsty, how are you? Kirsty Major (00:36):I am fine thanks. Great to be here. Janina Neumann (00:39):I’m so pleased to have you on my podcast. Tell… Read More »Podcast interview with Kirsty Major

EwK Services logo, text 'helping you to communicate effectively'

Accessibility course completion

I’m delighted to announce that I have completed an accessibility course with EwK Services. The accessibility course covered: Discovering your products and services Social media Training materials Events Making your website more accessible I have also introduced an accessibility feedback page, which can be used to report any parts of… Read More »Accessibility course completion

The Bicultural Podcast logo, "Every culture has got a lot that they can teach"

Podcast interview with Luke Townsend

Welcome to The Bicultural Podcast. I’m delighted to be joined by Luke Townsend, co-founder of Tendopro. Janina Neumann (00:32):Hi Luke, how are you? Luke Townsend (00:34):Morning Janina. Thank you very much for having me on it’s a pleasure to be with you this morning. Janina Neumann (00:40):Oh, likewise. I’m so… Read More »Podcast interview with Luke Townsend

Department for International Trade logo, text 'Export Academy', globe showing Asia

Completion of the Export Academy

Excited to announce that I have completed the Export Academy with the Department of International Trade and Business West. Outline of the programme: Preparing to do international business: Why export? Basic Export Procedures International Market Research / Selection Export Pricing and Distribution Classification, Origin and Valuation Introduction to Incoterms® Rules… Read More »Completion of the Export Academy

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