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Blog How to use the Kapferer Brand Identity Prism

How to use the Kapferer Brand Identity Prism

When we look to attract new audiences, we first need to understand what our brand stands for. The Kapferer Brand Identity Prism* is a great tool to help you start building your brand identity.

The Kapferer Brand Identity Prism:

  • Physique: What are the underlying physical characteristics of your brand?
  • Personality: What is the character of your brand?
  • Culture: What is the culture and values of the country from which your brand originates from, and its demographic?
  • Relationship: What is the relationship between your brand and its customers?
  • Self-image: How does the audience of your brand see themselves?
  • Reflection: How does the brand perceive its audience?

Identifying the core pillars of your brand

Once you have written 5-10 words for each of the six categories, you may start seeing a pattern of repeated words. Highlight these words and use them to build the core pillars of your brand.

* developed by Jean-Noel Kapferer in 1986

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