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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Janina Neumann Design is committed to operating in a way that is mindful of the environment and aims to keep its impact on the earth’s resources to a minimum.

JND promises to
  • Recycle all paper, ink cartridges and other recyclable materials
  • Only print a document when necessary, and to always use both sides of the paper
  • Use environmental inks for promotional material where possible
  • Use recycled paper for the printing of any business stationery where possible
  • Use biodegradable packaging where possible
  • Ask organisations to contact JND digitally rather than via post where possible
  • Use the Carbon Counter to show JND's website carbon (see footer)
  • Turn off electronics, rather than leaving them on standby, when they are not in use
  • Add another layer of clothing before putting on the heating
  • Have video meetings where possible to avoid the carbon cost of travel
  • Work with suppliers who share these values
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