Much like you would have your copy professionally written, you also need to consider who designs your German marketing material. Here are five main benefits of working with a bilingual designer:


1. Establish credibility

Graphic design is all about creative concepts conveyed through words and imagery. The composition, readability and ideas within a piece of marketing material are key to attracting your target audience. The designs have to fit with the language and these elements are difficult to understand if you are not bilingual. If you are serious about attracting a German-speaking audience, then you have to demonstrate that you understand their culture and way of working.


"If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!"

Willy Brandt


2. Maintain your reputation

It is important to ensure that the bilingual marketing material does not damage your company's reputation. When proofing a design, you may not be able to spot a design idea that does not translate into a different culture. By choosing a bilingual designer to work with, he or she will be able to propose different design solutions that convey the right message to both cultures.


3. Reduce design revisions

There will be more design revisions when working with a non-bilingual designer than working with a bilingual designer (most likely). This is because a non-bilingual designer would design for their first language and replicate the design for the second language without taking their differences into consideration. For example, German words tend to be longer than English words and hence, the design has to flexible enough to accommodate both languages without diluting the design idea. A bilingual designer will understand and consider both languages during the design process.


4. Increase cultural understanding

When working with a bilingual designer, you will be able to discuss both cultures and languages in a unique way. For example, a coordinate bilingual like myself, who can think and understand a concept independently to the other language, can see the designs from different perspectives. This skill can help make the design processes more rigorous in ensuring that the final deliverables are fit for purpose.


5. Streamline your project

Your team may consist of German and English-speaking individuals and so it is important that both parties are satisfied with the quality of the bilingual marketing material. Working with a bilingual graphic designer like myself ensures that your team can speak to me in the language that feels most comfortable to them. This helps to streamline your project as there will be fewer misunderstandings in the briefing and feedback stages.


If you would like to find out more about Janina Neumann, you can listen to her podcast interview here.


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