Report Design

We showcase your value by designing reports in German and English.

Communicate your impact to German- and English-speaking stakeholders

A clear and engaging design can help position your brand as an industry leader, as well as demonstrate the impact of your work to shareholders.

What is bilingual report design?

Report design is about using imagery, design, and typesetting to clearly communicate your research, message, or impact. The aim of a good report design is to make it easy and engaging for the reader to read your report. The better the design, the more the reader will remember.

The bilingual aspect of the design is there to support social organisations who have a German- and English-speaking audience. As a bilingual graphic designer and intercultural management trainer, Janina is experienced in crafting designs that speak in the right tone and manner to these particular audiences.

Our report design packages:

1. InDesign and PDF files: a great option for a print showcase

The traditional way of designing reports is using InDesign and PDF. This gives you a great platform to showcase your research or impact in a print format.

Janina can craft two versions of the report and adapt them according to your German- and English-speaking audiences.

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2. E-magazine: a great option for a digital showcase

An E-magazine design articulates your vision, message, and value in an interactive way.

Engaging imagery, videos, and copy spark the reader's interest whilst the bespoke design keeps your visuals and messages on brand.

The beauty is that you can easily update the E-magazine yourself once the bespoke template is created. This gives your in-house team the opportunity to be involved, be trained, and manage the other E-magazine editions themselves.

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