JND helps organisations make a greater impact by building a brand that is recognised for its ethics, style, and superior product offering.

Pitch Presentation

Whether you are a charity looking for corporate sponsorship or a social enterprise looking for investment, you need a strong pitch presentation. Pitching to your audience is about making your brand memorable. The audience wants to understand your brand values, offering, and vision. JND helps clients create a pitch presentation with impact.

Brand Identity

JND helps its clients understand their vision, message, and value. These 3 core pillars help clients make a greater impact. Brand has power. A strong brand can communicate ethics, style, and superior product offering. JND has helped many businesses and organisations grow and make a greater impact through creating new brand assets; from a logo design and an eBook design to bespoke graphics and website design.

Pitch Video

Demonstrating impact to shareholders or potential funders can make or break a funding application. A pitch video can communicate things, which words would take a long time to describe. It is exactly those subliminal messages that shape any funding application in a certain light. JND helps clients pitch their brand with purpose and impact so that extra funding is generated.

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