Pitch your brand, gain funding, build community wealth.

You have a vision for your brand, but aren't winning enough customers, funding or investment pitches? As a charity founder or social entrepreneur, you dedicated your time and heart to achieving your company mission. You may sometimes feel frustrated that others don't see the potential that you see in creating a greater impact.

Many charities and social enterprises face this problem and JND is here to help.

JND’s ‘Pitch Your Brand’ services help organisations make a greater impact by building a brand that is recognised for its ethics, style, and superior product offering.

Here's how it works ...

We start with a

Clarity Call

In your Clarity Call, we chat about your organisation, your story of making an impact, some of your hurdles, and identify solutions to overcoming those hurdles. If we are a good fit, we can discuss how JND can help you create a greater impact.

then we move onto the

Brand Audit

Effective marketing starts with identifying your market, then creating your message, and then choosing your media.

If you are new to marketing to a German-speaking audience or you are frustrated with marketing, then the Brand Audit is for you.

JND works using three core pillars: vision, message, and value. The vision pillar is focused on helping organisations define their goals for their creative project. The message pillar is built on managing cultural differences, building trust within the community, and designing a creative showcase. Lastly, the value pillar is focused on working inclusively, decreasing negative economic impact, and building community wealth.

Vision = Commissioning + Timescales + People

Message = Manage + Trust + Design

Value = Social + Economic + Investment

or one of the packages

Foundation Package

  Pitch presentation

       — PowerPoint / interactive eBook

       — Up to 30 pages

       — Bespoke graphics and mock-ups

Build Package

  Pitch presentation

  Brand identity

       — Logo design

       — Brand guidelines

       — Business stationery

       — Banner design

       — Trademark guarantee


Growth Package

  Pitch presentation

  Brand identity

  Pitch video

       — Video with and without subtitles

       — Creative strategy

       — 1/2 day filming

Accelerator Package

  Pitch presentation

  Pitch video

       — Video with and without subtitles

       — Creative strategy

       — 1 day filming

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