Pitch your Brand for Funding or Investment

JND helps organisations make a greater impact by building a brand that is recognised for its ethics, style, and superior product offering. Let's make your brand pitch-ready for funding or investment.

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Pitch Presentation

Whether you are a charity looking for corporate sponsorship or a social enterprise looking for investment, you need a strong pitch presentation. Pitching to your audience is about making your brand memorable. The audience wants to understand your brand values, offering, and vision. JND helps clients create a pitch presentation with impact.

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Brand Identity

JND helps its clients understand their vision, message, and value. These 3 core pillars help clients make a greater impact. Brand has power. A strong brand can communicate ethics, style, and superior product offering. JND has helped many businesses and organisations grow and make a greater impact through creating new brand assets; from a logo design and an eBook design to bespoke graphics and website design.

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Growing a social impact brand

“Your company has ethics, style and a superior product offering, but how do you use these to grow your social impact brand? More than ever, businesses are thinking about how to use their power for the greater good. Apart from being the right thing to do for society, it’s also the right thing to do for business: research conducted in 2019 found that 81% of us say our trust in a brand to do what is right is an important factor when making a buying decision.”

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A quick and powerful logo checklist

The logo design process is an exciting, if not sometimes, a stressful time for business owners. To help you keep an overview of the stunning designs and files that your graphic designer is sending you, I have created a simple logo checklist for you.

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