Pitch Deck Design

We craft a powerful message that creates a strong pitch that secures funding or investment.

We help you win pitches

Whether you are a charity looking for corporate sponsorship or a social enterprise looking for investment, you need a strong pitch presentation.

JND can create a pitch deck with impact so that you can win more funding or investment.


What a pitch deck should include

  1. Strong branding. Using a template design will limit the impression that you make on the funder or investor. This is because you haven't made a distinct impression that your idea is associated with your personal or company brand. Strong branding ensures that the funder or investor can associate your idea with you and this builds the belief that you can deliver on your pitch promise.
  2. A powerful message. "We have seen this before" may be feedback that you have received in the past. All too often social entrepreneurs and charities can't identify what makes them different from their competition. It is easy to identify a common problem in the industry but it isn't easy to identify why exactly your solution will solve the problem. You need a powerful message to communicate how you are different.
  3. Evidence. Social entrepreneurs and charities sometimes pitch their idea without having any evidence to support its impact. You may not be able to run your full programme without funding or investment, but you could run a small pilot programme to gather testimonials and measure the impact of your training.


How to win funding or investment

Our pitch deck package:

  1. Brand audit: what is working well and what isn't working well for your brand
  2. Message creation: creating a powerful message that makes you stand out
  3. Pitch deck design: designing a beautiful pitch deck that wins funding or investment
  4. Feedback: receive unbiased feedback from pitch judges

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"Having worked with Janina recently on a charity project for Heart Heroes, I can highly recommend her work. Janina took our criteria and ran with it, creating a fantastic presentation that simply highlights all the work we do and what we would like to achieve in the future. Many thanks."

Heart Heroes

Kelly Cornish

Recommendation given via LinkedIn

"Janina kindly worked with me via zoom on a one-to-one through Tewkesbury Growth Hub. Working through my social enterprise start up business, Janina was very supportive of my ideas and projects and gave me some really great ideas that I hadn't thought of and ways to work with partners and enhance the business brand. She gave me confidence in my brand and helped me see challenges with practical solutions. A lot of take home inspiration and motivation, Janina was an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm sure we will link up in business again. An excellent example of Gloucestershire businesses supporting the growth of Gloucestershire enterprise. Thank you so much."

Dream Big

Mel Nicholls

Recommendation given via Google My Business

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