Marketing Across Languages and Cultures

JND helps you communicate your message equally effectively across different languages and cultures.

Janina Neumann Design is a member of the Department for International Trade’s UK Investment Support Directory.

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Market Briefings

Expanding to new markets can be a great way to grow your business and create a greater impact. Market briefings help you identify growth opportunities and key cultural differences. These briefings enable you to adapt and grow your brand successfully in another market or country.

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Culturally Adaptive Brand Identity

JND takes a holistic and bicultural approach to create brand identities that resonate with the local people or businesses.

Whether it is creating marketing material or delivering business cultural training, JND can make your brand 'a local' in a different country for you. Being bilingual and bicultural, Janina is particularly knowledgeable about exporting to the German market.

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Bilingual Report Design

Bilingual reports are a great way to showcase your achievements and secure future investment. Reports are also a vital resource to creative thinkers in the making.

Collaboration is key to drive social change, and JND's bilingual (German/English) report design can help you spread your message further.

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Local to Global

Local to Global is a creation of Janina Neumann and Eva Túnez Salvador from Genuine Translations, delivered by themselves and supported by a network of partners and collaborators from across the globe.

LTG is a one-stop gateway for all your cultural, linguistic, and branding requirements when exporting your products or services to other countries.

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Quick insights into the German market

A bicultural perspective into the German market by Janina Neumann. This video gives insights into The types of businesses in Germany, interacting with family businesses, and sales in Germany.

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The importance of bilingual design and typesetting

The main aims of bilingual design and typesetting are to entice the reader the read your report and to connect with the reader. Whether you are presenting research to your funders or demonstrate the value of your organisation through a report it is important that your report has been typeset.

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