Graphic Design

JND creates effective graphic design and branding that delivers a 'know, like, and trust' feeling that generates leads. Let's create a greater impact.

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Logo design

Creating a beautiful, long-lasting, and competitive logo design builds the foundations of our brand.

JND helps you identify the vision, message, and value of your brand. These three pillars inform the logo design and business stationery to help you launch your brand into the marketplace.

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Brand touchpoints

Did you know that you need 7 hours of engagement, 11 touchpoints in 4 different locations to generate a lead?

Source: 'Zero Moment of Truth' by Google

Building a strong brand identity is about having the right touchpoints in place so that you are front-of-mind when your prospect becomes problem-aware.

JND can create effective brand touchpoints for you to help generate more meaningful conversations.

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Report design & typesetting

Clear and engaging report design can help position your brand as a market leader, as well as demonstrate the impact of your work to shareholders.

JND helps you to understand the vision, message, and value of your report. These three pillars then inform the design and feel of the report, so that you can make a greater impact and demonstrate your brand value.

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"The design process was excellent, I had no idea of the complexity of design, and had never considered many of the points Janina raised. She suggested colour schemes to match my business type and even the font was chosen to evoke a certain feel to the brand. These are things I could have never done without Janina's help.

The communication was great throughout, Janina took the time over a coffee to speak to me at length about the business, what I did and didn't like about my current designs and what I was trying to achieve. I could tell that Janina undertook market and competitor research into my area of business, and what would make me stand out in the sector. I found it all very impressive.

I am very happy that I now have uniformity across the brand, from everything to an email signature, to the website and social media, to business cards and print. I now have a specific colour scheme, logo, and font that I would never have had without Janina. The fact that I had one point of contact that I could meet face-to-face if needed really impressed me, and I could see the effort that Janina put into the process."

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