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What is a brand identity?

The brand is the reputation of your company. If you don’t manage your brand then others will manage the brand for you. Brand identity design is the design of your logo, colour palette, brand guidelines, and visuals to promote your product(s) or service(s).

When designing a new look for a social organisation, it is important to engage the community and stakeholders. This engagement builds a clearer brand identity design, because they are the reflection of the organisation and hold the pieces to your brand story. 

The key to creating a strong brand identity design is to uncover the brand story and visualise the brand’s core pillars (what the brand stands for) within all communications.

What are CMYK, Pantone, and RGB?

CMYK and Pantone colours are both used for print. CMYK tells the printer how much cyan, magenta, yellow and black it needs to print the image. Pantone is a company that has created a universal system of colour combinations, called Pantone colours. By using Pantone colours in your branding, you improve the print consistency. This is because Pantone colours are standardised.

RGB is used for screen or digital applications. The RGB spectrum is generated by the backlight of the digital device. The spectrum is also a lot bigger than the CMYK spectrum. This means that you need to first select your brand colours in CYMK and then RGB to ensure that the colour combinations match each other.