Cultural Awareness Training and Advice

JND can help you reduce cultural misunderstandings to create better relationships with your clients.

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Training for the public sector and charitable organisations

When you have a diverse team or are trying to reach minority groups, it is important to give individuals the tools to effectively communicate, organise, lead, and behave appropriately across different cultures.

Our cultural awareness training can help you create a greater impact by optimising the way your organisation interacts and communicates.

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Training for businesses

Cross-cultural trade creates growth, innovation, and a diverse team. Intercultural management is key to an effective business operation. We often do not realise the differences between cultures until something goes wrong.

Our intercultural management training can help you integrate business practices across cultures; from communication and organisation to leadership and etiquette. Being bilingual and bicultural, Janina is particularly knowledgeable about exporting to the German market.

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The Bicultural Podcast

The Bicultural Podcast celebrates bicultural individuals and gives insight into cultural differences to help you improve business relationships.

The Bicultural Podcast

Cultural awareness talk

Delighted to give a cultural awareness talk at the Business Insights Festival with Eva Túnez Salvador.

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