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Campaign Work

We communicate your message through memorable campaign work

Campaign work is instrumental in getting your brand recognised. 

What is campaign work?

Campaign work is about advocating for your cause or goal and being heard by your audience. It is about getting your brand recognised as an ambassador for your cause or goal. You can achieve this in a number of ways, including social media, events, brochures, outdoor advertising etc.

Why do some campaigns succeed and others fail?

  1. Research. 

    What makes your audience connect and engage with your cause or goal? It is important that you talk to your audience and find out what matters to them. This will help inform your organisation's overall work as well as help define the messages and deliverables for your campaign.

  2. Branding.

    Brands often struggle with either one of these two things: flawed branding or inconsistent branding. Flawed branding means having a logo, colour scheme, or brand asset that doesn't quite resonate with the target audience. Inconsistent branding means having various colour schemes and image styles across your brand assets. Only when you have a distinctive logo in various formats and clear brand guidelines, you can start your campaign work. This is because otherwise there will be a disconnect between what you are saying and what the audience is seeing.

  3. Tone of voice.

    What and how your brand says things matters. It is important to keep the tone of voice consistent across all of your communication and marketing work. Identify and build a personality that represents your brand, then speak and act like them. Showing up as a person behind a brand helps your audience connect with the personality and ultimately, with the brand.

  4. Creative ideas.

    This is where the magic happens! In a time of information overload, we need to use creativity to inspire and add some magic to people's lives. Maybe it's about hand delivering campaign merchandise to your audience, or creating a community pop-up event. Do something that your audience doesn't expect from you, but would love to have from you. This is how we can make campaign work memorable.

How to build a memorable campaign

JND's campaign work package:

1. Research

what makes your audience connect with your cause or goal

2. Ideas creation

create campaign ideas to make your messages memorable

3. Monitor campaign impact

review and refine creative deliverables

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